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  1. We are a violence interruption/conflict mediation organization that uses certified gang crisis specialist to mediate gang violence on the streets.
  2. We are a job employment source that strategically employs ex-convicts that were perpetrators of gang violence. We create a safe environment for rival gang members (black and brown) to be mentored and reintegrated into society.
  3. LA Gang Tours creates awareness and solutions to organizations and other communities that are experiencing similar gang related issues imported from Los Angeles.


    1. Gang violence in Los Angeles has been reduced by 27% since this violence interruption/conflict mediation model has been implemented.
    2. LA Gang Tours has a 92% success rate for job placement and high risk parolee reintegration program.
    3. Our gang prevention program has impacted thousands of youth and children nationally and internationally including Sudanese refugees and former child gun soldiers.

Social Progam:

More than just a tour, LA Gang Tours is a social program to raise consciousness and create greater awareness of problems communities face today. To give hope, opportunity and offer help in finding solutions.

Community Outreach:

Creating jobs and opportunities for the disenfranchised youth. Our target population are the disadvantaged youth, born into generational gang involved families.

“We believe innovation and entrepreneurship are the engines that lift people out of poverty”

Helping CommunitiesImagine… What your participation can do…

Your participation allows the success of a cease-fire agreement between three of the largest and most notorious gangs in L.A. history. This agreement will allow young people and children safe passage (gun fire free safety zones). It will provide the framework to create a peaceful environment conducive to their physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. With your help together we will save lives and create sustainable change.

You No Longer Need to Imagine…



Alfred Lomas  (founder of LA Gang Tours)


Alfred Lomas: founder of LA Gang Tours

Alfred Lomas: founder of LA Gang Tours

Alfred Lomas is a former gang member from the largest and most notorious gang in South-Central Los Angeles. A veteran of an elite U.S. Marine corps Infantry unit. Alfred, upon his Military discharge later operated as a freelance hired gun protecting criminal assets and working as a body guard for some of Los Angeles top gang leaders, he participated in many of L. A.’s deadliest drug wars.

After a radical and life changing experience, receiving the Lord as his personal Savior, he has dedicated his life to serving the Los Angeles community through humanitarian aid and violence reduction/prevention.

He got his start as the Director of the mobile food truck program at the Los Angeles Dream Center.The program provides food to 50,000 people and distributes 200 tons of provisions every month across the Los Angeles metropolis, primarily for low-income families who live in inner city housing projects, at-risk neighborhoods, and high crime areas. 

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